Karl 卡爾國際實驗教育 - 竹北高中


Karl International Experimental Education

Would you like to know where there are good Zhubei High Schools? It is recommended that you find Karl International Experimental Education, which can help children understand their positioning and superior ability, and cultivate the cultivation of an international perspective. Karl's international experimental education has first-class hardware equipment, such as information classrooms equipped with Apple Mac, 3D printing equipment, digital mixers and VR headsets, and the teacher-student ratio of 1:10 small class is adopted to allow each student can get good guidance from teachers, and make full use of school resources, is the high-quality Zhubei High School.

The era of globalization has arrived. Parents should help the next generation to face the rapid changes in future technology. Karl International Experimental Education has carefully cultivated children's thinking and skills of independent solutions, so as to have enough ability to face new challenges. If you are still looking for Zhubei High School and Hsinchu High School, you may wish to sign up for an appointment to explain the course of Karl International Experimental Education, so that you can better understand the school's teaching characteristics and the direction of further education.


想知道哪裡有不錯的竹北高中嗎?建議您找Karl卡爾國際實驗教育,能夠幫助孩子瞭解自己的定位與優勢能力,培養國際視野的涵養,是有口皆碑的國際學校。Karl卡爾國際實驗教育的硬體設備一流,像是資訊教室就有Apple Mac、3D列印設備、數位調音台和VR耳機的配備,而且採取1:10小班制的師生比例,讓每位學生都能獲得老師的良好指導,並且充分使用學校的資源,是優質的竹北高中。


Why Study at Karl?

Most experts in any given field often begin sharpening their skill at an early age. We care about the future of our children, and that is why we would like to start preparing them for the constantly changing future by strengthening their ability to solve problems independently and equip them will the skills needed to adapt.

Students can choose to study in our bilingual or international program. Our bilingual program is useful for students who wish to pursue their undergraduate degree in Taiwan and in Asia, and have classes that are taught in Mandarin or English. Within our bilingual program, we also offer two specializations, namely Computer Science and Foreign Languages specializations. Our international program, on the other hand, has 80% of classes taught in English, and is suitable for students that wish to pursue their undergraduate studies anywhere in the world with dual graduation certificates approved by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan and in Canada.

All our students will have great English language skills by the time they graduate, but we also have two pathways of specialization they can take:

1.Foreign Languages Specialty

2.Computer Science Specialty

No matter which pathway a student chooses, our curriculum has been developed to allow them to continue further studies at international universities or get into the top local universities here in Taiwan.

In addition, all students will be challenged and have an opportunity to find their passion with a mix of exploratory activities such as Drone Operation, Equestrianism, Soccer and climbing.





Foreign Languages Specialization

Students in this path will be able to learn more advanced English as well as other foreign languages (such as Spanish) to further support their ability to study and work internationally. Students will have access to more than 10 classes of English class, plus at least 4 periods of IT classes, so that students can sharpen their language ability while at the same time learn the basic language of programming.



Computer Science Specialization

Students here will gain advanced knowledge in programming, including Python as a foundation for AI, giving them a head start on this growing trend and open up many international career opportunities. Whereas public schools only offer 1 hour of IT class per week, we offer our students more than 4 hours each week. Together with our Math with IT class that accounts for 10 hours each week on IT classes. Practical application and abundant resources make our students more capable than IT college graduates. Due to the complexity of the vocabularies involved, some IT classes are taught in Chinese to ensure students' understanding.

Within this specialization, the improvement of languages is also important. Classes are taught in a bilingual environment, allowing students to thrive in an English environment and have at least 4 periods of English per week.